Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs®) are simple visual communication and collaboration tools, useable under stress, to coordinate emergency response both outside and inside a building. CRGs enhance response time and improve command and control during an incident.

ACG CRG maps

Micro CRG

Built for each floor of a structure, Micro CRGs combine a gridded overlay, high resolution imagery, and floor plans together into one map. Micro CRGs include everything that a first responder needs to know to coordinate emergency response within a structure. This includes room labels, hallway names, external door/stairwell numbers, and key utility locations.

Macro CRG

Built for a structure's campus and grounds, MACRO CRG's combine a gridded overlay, current overhead imagery with accurate labeling for parking areas, athletic fields, surrounding roads, and neighboring properties. First responders and building administrators use the Macro CRG to coordinate crisis response external to a structure, including inner and outer security perimeters, ambulance staging areas, command posts, reunification areas, etc. Buildings that are contiguous to each other or are in very close proximity to each other will share a "Macro".

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Automated Threat Defense

Traditional threat reporting using passive security cameras and 911 calls relies on humans to detect, deter, & report threats, which often results in slow and chaotic emergency repsonse. Defendry automatically detects, deters, & reports threats in just seconds, helping expedite emergency resolution.

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Paratus Group

The Paratus Group got its start when Brian Searcy attended the founding meetings of the Operation Innocence Task Force following the Parkland shooting in Florida. It was determined during these Task Force meetings that we can no longer rely on past failed methodologies to solve this critical problem. We need a holistic approach both from a preventative standpoint and a training and preparation perspective to have the ability to make critical decisions and react during a crisis situation.


The Paratus Group has unique on-site training programs for schools, churches and the workplace to allow for the training and learning of situational awareness. We have proved that you and your organizations become 80% safer just by learning and practicing situational awareness. These programs focus on the development of a mindset and behavior to be able to make critical decisions under stress. This on-site training is augmented by a 90 day micro learning program called "Left of Bang - Situational Awareness in today's Reality" that reinforces the learning and the development of a mindset and behaviors that you use and practice every day.

To truly solve this problem, however, we need to bring the learning of situational awareness to parents and families, so they are prepared to both potentially identify and remove themselves prior to the start of a critical event, but also being prepared to make critical decisions in a crisis situation. The Paratus Group has developed specific micro e-learning programs for Parents & Families, High School Students, College Students and for Home Defense. These 90 day programs allow for the development of a situational awareness process, mindset and behaviors so you can take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of our communities.

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Close gaps in public safety preparedness

Create a unifying technology platform; leverage prior technology investments

Optimize communications and information with first responders

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