Failure of Mission Critical Technology Can Cause Significant Financial and Reputational Damage to Service and Retail Organizations

Customers have increasing expectations for 24/7 access to information and transaction systems. Whether it's customer-facing or back-office operations, the public demands optimal operating performance and support. An equal concern is protection from employee fraud and theft at the point of sale. Meanwhile, the bottom line demands all these resource requirements be delivered in the most cost and resource efficient manner.

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The ACG Difference

ACG offers a broad range of solutions that Protect, Connect and Manage the physical and digital assets that are mission-critical to retailers and service organizations. Whether it’s 24/7 monitoring of servers and data, physical monitoring and safety through surveillance and access control, high-speed network connectivity, or Managed IT support services, we customize cost-efficient solution packages to empower our clients’ business systems with reliability and security.

Financial Analysis and Market Forecast Firm

An independent financial analysis and market forecasting firm located in Gainesville, Ga. They recognized that system downtime was not an option, especially considering that its analysts cover every major financial index and publish extensive content to its clients around the clock.

The firm engaged ACG for a broad range of Connection solutions. First, it migrated from a traditional phone system to a cloud-based system and realized significant upgrade benefits and cost savings. Next, in recognizing that it had significant reliance upon onsite systems management then turned to ACG for its Protect solutions to design a plan to build redundancy and reliability into its networks and critical systems.

ACG’s plan called for migration to cloud computing services for improved backup and storage. Solutions for proactive monitoring of data servers and internet connections also were deployed. As a result, predictive system failure alerts prompt proactive calls to vendors to schedule service calls to avert downtime.

To prevent cyberattacks, firewall network security solution and antivirus software was adopted. Because management also recognized the biggest cyberthreat could stem from an employee clicking on the wrong link, ACG was engaged to provide cyber antivirus awareness training. The affordable, online interactive training elicited a 34% click rate on the first round, however, the training successfully reduced click rates to 3% on a subsequent test, and now below 1% despite the fact that tests were embedded with increased complexity.

Last, ACG’s Managed IT resources were adopted to promote scalability for projects and assure bandwidth and 24/7 coverage of expert support.

The firm’s management reports great satisfaction with the broad range of solutions and services received to date from ACG. According to its IT director, ACG has been a supportive partner and its expertise improved analysts’ ability to work remotely, reduced the firm’s dependency on onsite systems, and created peace of mind through extensive monitoring tools.


  • Firewall protection for networks and systems
  • Cloud backup for all data
  • Internal training programs to prevent cyberattacks
  • Firewall protection for networks and systems


  • Cloud-based phone systems for reliable communication at a significant cost savings
  • Managed IT support for networks, servers and desktops
  • Reliable network supported by onsite IT personnel
  • Significant cost savings within internet plans
  • Price and negotiation services with third-party vendors
  • Network infrastructure installation and upgrades


  • Proactive network monitoring and equipment replacement
  • Server monitoring and maintenance
  • IT support services both onsite and online