Industrial Construction Requires a High Level of Data Exchange, Security and Collaboration Among Contractors, Subcontractors, Investors and Other Key Stakeholders

Intelligent, Internet of Things technology bridges the networking and communication gaps to promote on-time and on-budget projects.

Overlay of a user holding a tablet in a construction area with a crane at a distance

The ACG Difference

ACG offers a comprehensive suite of Protect, Connect and Manage solutions that enable end-to-end network performance and automated surveillance to protect assets, people and mitigate risk. Our experts specialize in designing surveillance and monitoring solutions for safety and security, as well as comprehensive networking solutions to support high levels of data exchange among all stakeholders.

Renewable Power Manufacturer

A producer of electricity from bio-mass turned to ACG’s Protect and Connect solutions for its large-scale power plant construction projects.

From a Protect perspective, ACG’s extensive remote monitoring solutions were deployed to support two sets of priorities. First, to protect millions of dollars’ worth of onsite inventory and to create a 24/7 visible record to mitigate liability in case of fraudulent claims and/or accident or injury among the 120 contractors erecting the plants. Second, to provide financial backers a first-hand visual of site progress as a factor in deciding whether to grant future loans for the project. An additional benefit was cost savings realized by replacing third-party guard services with ACG’s automated security systems.

Connect solutions also were deployed in the form of network infrastructure and high-speed connectivity for the 15 to 20 national and international contracting companies engaged on the project as they transfer and exchange large-file engineering documents.

Plans call for the renewable power manufacturer to leverage its investment in the ACG Protect and Connect solutions by migrating the cameras and security tools into the operating plants.


  • Onsite and remote surveillance and security products, technologies and services


  • Fiber network architecture to connect disparate business systems


  • Proactive network monitoring and equipment replacement
  • Server monitoring and maintenance
  • IT support services both onsite and online