The Healthcare Industry Faces Increasing Challenges to Secure and Protect Itself Against Cybersecurity Attacks

Deeper digital connectivity is essential to safer, more efficient patient care, yet fraud, identity theft and other forms of malicious malware present significant business risks, such as undermining patient safety, regulatory non-compliance and financial loss.

Doctor holding a stethoscope with virtual medical icons

The ACG Difference

ACG offers physician groups, hospitals and other types of care organizations next-generation cybersecurity protection solutions designed to detect and prevent threats to HIPAA-sensitive electronic records and protected information. We also provide comprehensive network and phone solutions to support optimal system performance and seamless, secure data exchange to promote quality care delivery.

Physician Business

A not-for-profit acute care facility with physicians representing many specialties including orthopedics, obstetrics, urology, ophthalmology, and sports medicine.

One of its sports medicine physicians turned to ACG for a comprehensive combination of Protect and Connect solutions to optimize prevention safeguards against cyber breach of patient personal health information. ACG also supports the doctor’s team with a reliable Internet connection, phone system and ongoing Managed IT support. Staff feedback has been 100% positive, including praise for proactive ACG alerts to make them aware of latest malware threats and advise on corrective action plans.


  • System-wide monitoring, including the latest firewall software to block threats
  • Antivirus solutions to protect against malware, ransomware and spyware
  • Camera surveillance


  • Internet connectivity and all-in-one IT support services
  • Cloud-based phone system technologies


  • Proactive network monitoring and equipment replacement
  • Server monitoring and maintenance
  • IT support services both onsite and online