Building and People Protection

Investing in the right access control technology is central to the protection of your employees, information and equipment. Depending on business need, these solutions can restrict entry to unauthorized visitors, prevent employees from entering unauthorized areas, as well as provide an audit trail of who entered your building and when. Options range from stand-alone, battery operated card readers to key padlocks to network-based access control systems. These products are suitable either for a single entry, multiple doors, building sections and/or time-based access rights. Another option to consider is integrating your access control system with an intrusion system, video surveillance system and/or situational awareness system combining these technologies allows for greater building and people protection to keep the wrong people out and the right people in.

Depending on business resources, ACG Solutions can provide a software- or a web-based application for internal team management, or we handle the administration of the access control system for you.

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