Cloud-Based Response Platform

When precious seconds count in an active shooter incident, our intelligent gunshot sensing technology removes human error to save lives. An integral component of our Synchronized Orchestrated Response (SOR™) solution, the proprietary technology eliminates the need for visual line of sight to prompt shooter alerts and near instant notification to authorities — within 3.6 seconds. As a result, first responders arrive on scene faster, equipped with the vital situational awareness information needed to contain threats and mitigate casualties.

Through our relationship with AmberBox Gunshot Detection (AmberBox), we can offer this cloud-based response platform, which features patented, tri-factor shot authentication, analyzing:

  • Percussion: Two distinct audio signatures produced by a gunshot, the muzzle blast and bullet shockwave
  • Infrared: The muzzle flash caused by the combustion of gunpowder mixing with ambient air
  • Sound: Patented, machine learning analysis compares sounds detected against a database of thousands of gunshot samples

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